Things to do in Ireland or elsewhere in the next four months:

  1. Go on a guided tour
  2. Attend mass or another religious service
  3. Backpack Rome and Florence for seven days
  4. Visit at least five different Dublin coffee shops
  5. Visit as many bookstores as possible
  6. Travel to Germany to see WWII history and some of the key locations where Hitler hid all the world’s greatest art (which he stole)
  7. Volunteer with a non-profit organization
  8. Go to the Irish cinema
  9. Experience the 100th anniversary of the Easter Uprising in Dublin with my family
  10. Purchase a 55 pound bag of rice to eat, but also to be able to say that I indeed purchased a 55 pound of rice (and carried it across Dublin)
  11. Travel somewhere outside of Dublin and possible Ireland by myself
  12. Take a different way home every once and a while
  13. Play Gaelic sports and watch a game in Croke Park
  14. Join a local club or meet-up


Neat things to do, but not necessarily on my bucket list:

  1. See an opera
  2. Skydive
  3. Get a tattoo at a local parlor
  4. Make a lasting Irish friend
  5. Point to a random location on a map and then go there


I will keep updating this list as new bucket list items occur to me.