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Traditional Irish Dancing and Dublin’s Finest

Friday started out strange, leveled out into a semblance of normalcy, and then broke the weirdness scales. I remember telling Abbie as we were walking down the street…

little museum of dublin

Little Museum of Dublin ft. RICE

So, my home girl Abbie hooked me up today. Mondays are great for me because I only have one class and it’s not until 5:15 pm. Couple this…

The Candlemas Procession

I haven’t been to church in years. I can’t even remember the last time, other than when I attended services at a Jewish synagogue for a class project….

valley of the boyne

In the Heart of Ireland ft. the Baby Trackies

I woke up this morning certain that someone had broken into our house last night and used the phone in our hallway. I’m not sure why I thought…